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Copper State Coin & Bullion: Your Premier Destination for Gold Coin Investments

In today's volatile economic climate, prudent investors seek safe and reliable ways to grow their wealth. As a financial instrument for investors, gold coins uniquely combine financial stability, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal.

Copper State Coin & Bullion is a leading dealer of gold coins and bullion. We offer a wide selection of coins from around the world, each with its unique story.

Our Coins are Made with the Highest Quality Materials

Coins are made with 99.99% pure gold, ensuring that they will retain their value over time. They are also minted by some of the most respected mints in the world, including the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Australian Mint.

Our Coins Have a Rich History and Culture

Gold coins have been used as a form of currency for centuries. They are often used to commemorate important events or to celebrate cultural traditions. Our coins reflect this rich history and culture, with designs that range from the iconic American eagle to the majestic Chinese panda.

Our Coins Are a Safe and Secure Investment

We offer a variety of ways to purchase gold coins, including online and in-person. We also provide a secure storage option for your coins, so you can rest assured that they are safe and sound.

Here are some of the most popular gold coins we offer:

American Gold Eagle: This coin is popular with investors and collectors. It is made with 91.67% pure gold and is available in a variety of sizes.

Gold American Buffalo: This limited-edition coin is made with 24-carat gold and features an American buffalo. It is a highly sought-after collectible.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: This coin is known for its high purity and quality. It is made with 99.99% pure gold and is available in various sizes.

Call of the Wild Series: This series features coins with designs of wild animals, such as the howling wolf, roaring grizzly bear, and majestic elk. They are a popular choice for collectors who appreciate nature.

Lunar Series: This series features coins with designs of Chinese zodiac animals. They are a popular choice for collectors and investors who appreciate Chinese culture.

Gold Kangaroo: This coin features a design of the Australian kangaroo. It is a popular choice for investors and collectors who appreciate Australian culture.

British Gold Britannia: This coin features a design of the British Britannia. It is a popular choice for collectors and investors who appreciate British culture.

South African Gold Krugerrand: This coin is the most popular gold coin in the world. It is made with 91.67% pure gold and features a design by Paul Kruger, the former president of South Africa.

Austrian Gold Philharmonic: This coin is a popular choice for collectors and investors who appreciate classical music.

Chinese Gold Panda: This coin is a popular choice for collectors and investors who appreciate Chinese culture.

Mexican Gold Libertad: This coin is a popular choice for collectors and investors who appreciate Mexican culture.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and attractive investment, gold coins from Copper State Coin & Bullion are a great option. We offer a wide selection of coins to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to meet your needs and budget.

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Customer Reviews

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‘’I had gone to a couple of other places and they weren’t the nicest people and were trying to rip me off. The people at copper state were very knowledgeable and kind. They taught me a lot along the way too. Mike and Ivy were big helps in my situation. The place is also very organized, clean and they were professional!! I recommend you go here! I will be back!’’

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Regina Sayegh
Verified Customer Review

‘’Very nice and pleasant experience. Mike, the owner took time to show me some very cool things!! He also spent time to educate me about things I wanted to know and answered all my silly questions too! (And there were a LOT of them!!) I am really going to enjoy this shop and look forward to returning again and again. Mike is fair, honest, respectful, and kind. What more could you ask for?’’

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John Elston
Verified Customer Review

‘’First time visit to the shop was great! All were fun to talk with friendly to work with and outstanding to do business with. I was looking for some specific items. They went above and beyond to double check inventory not under glass. Boy, did they make my day. Not only did they find, it but they gave me the best deal in town. I will be back again! Thank you Mike! Copper State is a new spot for me now.’’

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Justin Stedman
Verified Customer Review

‘’Found a couple of the 2009 Formative Years” I have been looking for. Came to Copperstate Coins responding to an ad not knowing they were a coin dealer. Met with Ivy to pick up my rolls. All in the store were extremely polite not pushy helpful and I left with more than I came in for. Without a doubt greatest place to go if you’re just getting into the hobby, which I am, I will be a frequent customer. Thank you!!’’

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BattleHawk 0058
Verified Customer Review

‘’This company needs an option for more than 5 starts, how about 10!? Customer service is AMAZING , they are outstanding in every single way! Since using this company, I have had 10 or more people I referred them to, and same outcome. No doubt, zero disappointment.’’


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Reed Clark
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