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Gold Bullion

Copper State offers a wide selection of gold bullion products, including bars and coins from reputable mints worldwide. With a commitment to integrity, Copper State ensures that all bullion products are authentic and certified for weight and purity. 

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Buy Gold Bullion in Peoria

Located in Peoria, Arizona, Copper State is a trusted destination for investors looking to buy gold bullion and other precious metals while also offering the best customer service.  

Investing in gold bullion is a time-tested method of safeguarding wealth and diversifying investment portfolios. 

Gold bullion, which refers to gold bars or coins valued by weight and purity, offers stability during the current inflationary pressures. Unlike stocks or bonds, gold bullion is a tangible asset that holds its value over time. As such, buying gold bullion represents a popular choice for investors who are seeking to go against market volatility and currency fluctuations. 

To learn more about investing in the highest-quality gold bullion coins, who is the most reputable dealer at the moment, and more valuable information regarding selling gold bullion in today's dynamic market, continue reading. 

Types Of Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are popular among investors and collectors for their intrinsic value, liquidity, and aesthetic appeal. 

With that said, here are some of the most prominent types of gold bullion coins available on the market today:

Gold Eagles

Gold Eagles are among the most recognizable and widely traded gold bullion coins globally. Introduced by the United States Mint in 1986, these coins boast a stunning design featuring Lady Liberty on the obverse and a family of eagles on the reverse. 

Available in various denominations, Gold Eagles are minted from 22-karat gold, making them durable and ideal for investment purposes.

Gold Buffaloes

First minted in 2006, Gold Buffaloes are revered for their classic design and high purity. Struck from .9999 fine gold, these coins feature the iconic images of a Native American chief on the obverse and an American bison on the reverse, reminiscent of the Buffalo Nickel design by James Earle Fraser. 

With their exquisite craftsmanship and guaranteed purity, Gold Buffaloes are sought after by investors seeking the highest quality gold bullion.

Gold Maple Leaf

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, Gold Maple Leaf is esteemed for its exceptional purity and intricate design. 

Introduced in 1979, these coins are minted from .9999 fine gold and feature the iconic maple leaf motif on both sides, symbolizing Canada's natural beauty and heritage. Available in various sizes, Gold Maple Leaf offers investors flexibility and liquidity, making them a popular choice among precious metals enthusiasts worldwide.

Other Gold Bullion Coins 

In addition to Gold Eagles, Gold Buffaloes, and Gold Maple Leafs, there is a wide array of other gold bullion coins available, including the South African Krugerrand, Austrian Philharmonic, and British Britannia. Each coin features unique designs and specifications, catering to diverse investor preferences and objectives.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Gold Bullion in Arizona

Before purchasing gold bullion in Arizona, there are several crucial factors to consider. 

The Price

Firstly, it's essential to evaluate the current price of gold bullion. 

At Copper State, we recognize that the price of gold can be influenced by a number economic factors, ranging from inflation rates to geopolitical tensions and market demand. 

With our commitment to offering the best possible prices to our clients, investors seeking to invest in gold bullion can find unparalleled value on our website. We ensure that our prices remain advantageous; empowering investors to make informed decisions about their gold.

Reputation of Precious Metal Dealers

Additionally, consider the reputation and reliability of the precious metal dealers offering gold bullion for sale. 

As a buyer, you should look for established dealers with a proven track record of integrity and customer satisfaction, as well as accreditation from reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Trusted dealers will often provide transparent pricing and guarantee the authenticity of physical gold, which automatically gives you confidence in your purchase.

Buying Options

Moreover, you should assess the buying options available, including gold coins and bars. While both gold coins and bars are valuable investment options, they differ in terms of size, liquidity, and premium costs. 

Gold coins, such as an American Gold Eagle or a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, are often preferred for their smaller denominations and aesthetic appeal. 

On the other hand, gold bars typically offer lower premiums per ounce and are favored by investors seeking larger quantities of gold bullion. Additionally, you should make it a habit of inquiring about any promotional offers, such as free shipping, which can reduce the overall cost of purchasing gold bullion.

Convenience & Security

Lastly,  you should take into consideration the convenience and security of the transaction process when buying a gold coin in Arizona. 

Choosing Copper State as your dealer is a testament of confidentiality of your personal information. We make sure to employ security measures to safeguard against counterfeit products and theft. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to inquire about storage options for your gold bullion, especially if you plan to store it long-term. 

Some dealers offer secure storage facilities or can recommend reputable storage providers to ensure the safety of your investment. 

This way, as a buyer, you can confidently buy gold bullion in Arizona and add a valuable asset to your investment portfolio.

How Do You Buy Gold Bullion?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy gold bullion:

Research and Identify Dealers

In your research for reputable dealers, look no further than Copper State Coin & Bullion, renowned for offering the highest quality coins and unparalleled customer service in Arizona and beyond. During your investment journey, employ terms like "gold bullion near me" or "gold bullion dealers," and you will find your way to us.

Compare Prices and Products

With Copper State Coins, you can rest assured knowing you're accessing the finest selection of gold and silver bars, as well as sought-after coins like the Gold Krugerrand. 

Evaluate factors such as premiums, shipping costs, and additional fees, all while benefiting from our competitive pricing and transparent structures. Trust Copper State Coins to maximize your potential profit while providing unmatched quality and service in the world of gold bullion investment.

Determine Your Budget

It's essential that you immediately set a budget for your gold bullion purchase, of course, based on your financial goals and investment objectives. Before you make the purchase, decide how much you're willing to invest in gold bullion and whether you want to buy in increments or make a larger purchase upfront.

Place Your Order

After coming to a decision from our wide selection at Copper State, you can rest assured that you've selected the highest-quality, and you can place your order either online or in person. 

Arrange Payment

Arrange payment for your gold bullion purchase using a secure payment method.

Payment options may include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or cash - whichever best suit your financial needs.

Receive Your Gold Bullion Coins

Whether you choose shipping or in-person pickup, ensuring the safe arrival of your gold bullion is paramount. 

When opting for shipping, tracking your package is essential to guarantee its secure delivery. Alternatively, if you prefer to collect your investment in person, Copper State Coins offers a seamless experience. With our convenient scheduling options, you can arrange a time that suits you to collect your gold bullion directly from our trusted location. You can count on us to prioritize the safety and security of your investment, providing peace of mind every step of the way.

What Size of Gold Bullion To Buy?

Determining the size of gold bullion to buy depends on various factors, including your budget, investment goals, and market conditions. '

When considering how much gold bullion to purchase, it's essential to first establish your financial objectives. 

Ask yourself this question:

Are you looking to hedge against inflation, diversify your investment portfolio, or acquire a tangible asset for long-term wealth preservation? 

Once you've clarified your goals, assess your budget and risk tolerance to determine how much you're comfortable investing in gold.

Next, consider the current spot price of gold and the premium associated with popular gold bullion products, such as bullion bars or coins. 

For instance, Copper State provides real-time pricing information, allowing you to make informed decisions based on market trends. 

Keep in mind that larger bullion bars typically offer lower premiums per ounce compared to smaller denominations, making them more cost-effective for bulk purchases.

Additionally, factor in liquidity considerations when deciding on the size of your gold bullion investment. Smaller denominations, such as one-ounce coins or bars, may be easier to sell or trade in the future compared to larger bars. 

Ultimately, conducting thorough research and staying informed about market dynamics can help you make sound investment decisions.

Benefits of Buying from Copper State

Buying from Copper State offers a multitude of benefits for investors. 

Firstly, Copper State prioritizes quality assurance and purity of all products, including popular items like American Silver Eagles and coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. 

This commitment instills confidence in buyers, knowing they are purchasing genuine, high-quality precious metals from a trusted dealer. 

Secondly, Copper State relies on security measures to safeguard transactions and protect customer information, providing peace of mind throughout the buying process. 

Moreover, customers can benefit from expert advice and guidance from knowledgeable staff, which helps them make informed decisions when purchasing precious metals. 

And last, but not least, Copper State offers a range of additional services and perks, such as secure storage options and exclusive coin features, further enhancing the value proposition for those looking to buy precious metals.

Final Remarks on Buying Gold Bullion Coins

Whether you're attracted to silver for its versatility, value, practical applications, or rich history, gold bullion is undeniably appealing. 

At "Copper State Coin & Bullion", we're dedicated to helping you uncover the beauty and potential of this remarkable metal. Visit us at 8360 W. Thunderbird Road #C103 in Peoria, AZ 85381, and let's explore the world of gold bullion together!

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‘’I had gone to a couple of other places and they weren’t the nicest people and were trying to rip me off. The people at copper state were very knowledgeable and kind. They taught me a lot along the way too. Mike and Ivy were big helps in my situation. The place is also very organized, clean and they were professional!! I recommend you go here! I will be back!’’

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Regina Sayegh
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‘’Very nice and pleasant experience. Mike, the owner took time to show me some very cool things!! He also spent time to educate me about things I wanted to know and answered all my silly questions too! (And there were a LOT of them!!) I am really going to enjoy this shop and look forward to returning again and again. Mike is fair, honest, respectful, and kind. What more could you ask for?’’

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John Elston
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‘’First time visit to the shop was great! All were fun to talk with friendly to work with and outstanding to do business with. I was looking for some specific items. They went above and beyond to double check inventory not under glass. Boy, did they make my day. Not only did they find, it but they gave me the best deal in town. I will be back again! Thank you Mike! Copper State is a new spot for me now.’’

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Justin Stedman
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‘’Found a couple of the 2009 Formative Years” I have been looking for. Came to Copperstate Coins responding to an ad not knowing they were a coin dealer. Met with Ivy to pick up my rolls. All in the store were extremely polite not pushy helpful and I left with more than I came in for. Without a doubt greatest place to go if you’re just getting into the hobby, which I am, I will be a frequent customer. Thank you!!’’

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BattleHawk 0058
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‘’This company needs an option for more than 5 starts, how about 10!? Customer service is AMAZING , they are outstanding in every single way! Since using this company, I have had 10 or more people I referred them to, and same outcome. No doubt, zero disappointment.’’


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